Creating Art With Passion

Creating Art With Passion

Explore the world of stone sculpture with the passionate artistry of Daniel Cline. 

Daniel is a contemporary sculptor who draws inspiration from the natural world around him. With over 30 years of experience, he creates powerful and thought-provoking sculptures that challenge the universal and mysterious. Using traditional techniques and a self-taught approach, he transforms rock into endless forms that explore the unknown within the stone.


Discover the enduring qualities, textures, and strengths of stone with Daniel's unique creations that bring passion and art to your world.

"My sculptures usually begin as an idea, a concept, an inspiration, a piece of stone that has something in it, only partly understood and only by carving the piece can you know what is inside. I may see a ridge of a back, or a tentacle and for me this is enough to go on. A million tiny calculations as to whether there is enough material to make the idea work and a long list of what-ifs. If it is to be a particular thing like an animal, I gather reference material as the form takes shape. Every sculpture begins quite abstract, nebulous and unknown. Slowly it takes shape, becoming something other than a stone. At some moment, the stone disappears and something new has taken its place."

"With the process of direct carving, the sculptor begins without a specific model or design. A general concept or idea will do at this point. Drawing right on the surface of the stone, refining the profile, moving from one profile to the next, refining, checking that all the parts work in relation to each other or carve the stone to make the form work. You must always be sure in your decisions, what stone to remove and the confidence to then remove it."

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