Why write a blog...

Why write a blog...

Why Write A Blog

I tend to write. Sometimes, I think it is involuntary. Creative ideas come to me at 4 or 5 am. I know that if I don't get up right then and jot them down, they will be lost. Maybe some of you have this experience as well.

I know that often when I am working on a sculpture and I am stuck on how to proceed, 

I literally sleep on it! Amazingly, the next day, the problem has resolved itself. My subconscious mind has worked on it, probably in every possible way and found the solution while I slept.

I think this is a human super power that we all have but not everyone uses or is aware of. 

I thought I would use this website blog as an outlet for some of my thoughts and writings on art and life see if anyone can relate.

Thanks for reading. Daniel

February 2023

"Primal Point" with Ivy moving toward the light.      

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