Bronze Sculpture Editions

Bronze Sculpture Editions

Bronze Sculpture Editions

Bronze casting allows Daniel to create sculptures that are not possible in stone. Delicate flying Hummingbirds and weightlessly mounted Octopuses in action are achievable in this timeless and ancient material.

Daniel recently began producing some bronze sculpture editions. While the process is time consuming and expensive to produce, it allows for multiple editions of a single sculpture. The Octopus featured is a cast from an original stone sculpture. The bronze version allowed the sculpture to be mounted in this weightless action pose. There is a limited edition of 10, with 2 already sold.

Additionally, three small bronze hummingbirds are available with a variety of mounting and colouring options.

If you have interest in having Daniel cast an Octopus for you or create a custom bronze sculpture for you, contact him, for a free quote and current edition availability.

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