"Eternal Ribbon"

"Eternal Ribbon"

The title of this sculpture is “Eternal Ribbon”. The title refers to the quote from Bahai Writings that when a person dies their soul will “assume the form that best befitteth its immortality”

I wondered, what is the form of immortality? 

This is my attempt to express the, form of immortality, in a three-dimensional sculpture. 

This sculpture is part of a series of stone sculptures are made up of continuous ribbons of stone that have no beginning or end. It surges and moves to the rhythms of life, never stagnant or still, always moving toward the unknowable.

Additionally, when lightly tapped, the ribbon produces a resonance, like a musical instrument of ancient but familiar origin. Varying in tone depending on the location of the gentle drumming.

And for new and ever changing views, the sculpture is displayed on a brass pin that rotates; the base and sculpture are two separate pieces.

(The ribbon detaches from the base for safe packing and transport.)

Material: Orca Marble (Vancouver Island)

Dimensions: h 25"x w 20"x d 8"



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