"Eternal Ribbon"

"Eternal Ribbon"

“Eternal Ribbon”

The title refers to the quote from Bahai Writings that when a person dies their soul will “assume the form that best befitteth its immortality”

What is the form of immortality?

This is an attempt to express, the form of immortality, in a three-dimensional sculpture.

This sculpture is part of a series of stone sculptures are made up of continuous ribbons of stone that have no beginning or end, always moving toward the unknowable.

When lightly tapped, the ribbon produces a resonance, like a musical instrument of ancient but familiar origin. The base and sculpture are two separate pieces attached by a pin for new and ever changing views

(The ribbon detaches from the base for safe packing and transport.)

Material: Orca Marble (Vancouver Island)

Dimensions: h 25"x w 20"x d 8"

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