"In Pursuit - Diving Falcon"

"In Pursuit - Diving Falcon"

"In Pursuit -Falcon Diving"

I am in awe of the ability of falcon's to hurl themselves at terminal velocity toward their prey. This a a homage to the power and beauty in action that is nature.

We are fortunate to live near a bird sanctuary, that we visit every so often, where you can observe this display up close.

They throw a stuffy up in the air and the bird hits it with tremendous force. I don't know how the falcon survives. The prey does not!

To capture the speed of the pursuit. The aerobatic brilliance. The energy in motion.

This sculpture is carved from a Vancouver Island marble mounted on a blue sandstone.

h22"x w6.5"x d7"

If you would like additional information about this sculpture please contact Daniel.



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